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In this post I want to talk with you about smoking and why smoking during pregnancy is bad for your child. Enjoy!

There is a long list of possible harmful effects on the baby of a mother who smokes during pregnancy. While any one particular baby will probably not develop all of the known problems, a mother who smokes while pregnant is almost guaranteeing at least a few of them.

Even though not too many studies have been done, there are too many known risks. There is a large disconnect between what we know about the potential risks and what potential mothers are aware of. Every woman needs to be aware of the consequences of smoking while pregnant. The following is information on just a few of the known consequences associated with smoking while pregnant.

A well known fact is that when you smoke so does your baby.

So while you are inhaling the hundreds of chemicals added to tobacco, including carbon monoxide and nicotine, your baby is absorbing them. You provide nourishment to your baby via the placenta including oxygen. Of course whatever is in your system, from smoking, gets transferred into the placenta and is available to your developing fetus. Carcinogens are poison.

Every year, a certain percentage of pregnancies are ectopic ones. An ectopic pregnancy is when the embryo implants in the fallopian tube rather than in the uterus. There can be all kinds of serious complications from ectopic pregnancies. Women who smoke are at a greater risk for an ectopic pregnancy. The placenta can be negatively impacted by smoking as well. These serious risks can affect the health of both the mother and the fetus.

Focusing on the immediate physical consequences smoking while pregnant can have on the baby is natural. Studies are beginning to show a connection between smoking while pregnant and the child having behavioral difficulties. This includes learning disabilities and general behavioral issues.

This should be cause for concern to a woman who smokes during pregnancy.

We don’t completely understand the highly negative effects on a baby if the mother smokes. While the discussed effects have been regarding the unborn baby, these effects won’t disappear after birth. The child will most likely be dealing with the consequences of their mother smoking while pregnant their entire life.

So you see, smoking during pregnancy has lifelong consequences on the child and many of which can be dire. For the sake of both mother and child, it is vital to quit smoking during pregnancy.

I hope that this post shows you why smoking during pregnancy is bad for your child. If you are looking for more ways to ensure that your baby is going to be healthy then it is also important to follow a healthy diet plan during your pregnancy. Check out my review on Pregnancy Without Pounds if you are looking for a proven nutrition and exercise program for pregnant women.

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